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**Photos following this current events section from their Spring newsletter showing little puppies (some from RBK) and also a photo of the Myrtle/Huey litter as they were placed in their new foster homes. John Pesek and Jay (Joe) Schuur and papa Huey are on the right of the other photo, as well as puppy mama Myrtle in the center of the photo. 

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Ernest Riall, PhD at Wooburn Craft School, Town Lane, Wooburn Town, Bucks, HP10 0PJ - There are two approaches to the wood carving course. For the complete novice, there is a step by step program which includes a series of talks and demonstrations followed by a couple of simple exercises designed to teach the student how to best approach woodcarving. The talks and demonstrations include identifying and discussing the use of the different types of chisels and mallets, different woods, the different approaches to holding the object to be carved, and how to best sharpen your chisel. Included in these discussions will be practical information on the different ways to buy a complete set of carving chisels without having to take out a second mortgage! The two exercises are designed to maximise the learning by the new student teaching them how to read the grain, about carving different kinds of woods, and how to translate a natural object into a created shape. The second approach is for more experienced carvers. In this approach, the student decides what they want to carve, and the instructor will work with them from the design, planning, selection of the wood, the carving to the final object and finishing the carving. All tools will be made available and some of the expense of the wood for most projects will be covered. Tools are available for you to use until you wish to buy your own.  New terms are starting thoughout the year - visit our website for the latest schedule - or write us at [email protected] .

Various - Best Of British Happy HardcoreVarious - Best Of British Happy HardcoreVarious - Best Of British Happy HardcoreVarious - Best Of British Happy Hardcore