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Tshala muana - tshala muana

have tried to arrange the African country wedding songs below by the country of origin. That way if you have a preference for a particular style or region of the continent it will make your search easier. African songs from different parts all have their own unique flavour... do you like South African melodies... prefer West African beats... love the rhythm of East African tunes... or the fine stylings of the North Africans... and let's not forget the jams of Central Africa...

Because Abidjan is also the largest city in the country and the centre of its economic activity, it has officially been designated as the "economic capital" of the country. The Abidjan Autonomous District , which encompasses the city and some of its suburbs, is one of the 14 districts of Côte d'Ivoire .

Soukous (from French secouer, "to shake") is a popular genre of dance music from the Congo Basin. It derived from Congolese rumba in the 1960s and gained popularity ...

Tshala Muana - Tshala MuanaTshala Muana - Tshala MuanaTshala Muana - Tshala MuanaTshala Muana - Tshala Muana