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Jobs's leadership at the Macintosh project did not last. Following an internal power struggle with then-new Apple CEO John Sculley , Jobs resigned from Apple in 1985. [17] He went on to found NeXT , another computer company which targeted the education market, [18] and did not return until 1997, when Apple acquired NeXT. [19]

From a Cam Newton comparison to a playoff QB to the gap between Alabama and everyone else, Tim Tebow talks with 247Sports on a variety of...

But it will complicate Trump’s desire for a more stable Middle East and Israel-Palestinian peace and arouse tensions. Past presidents have put off such a move.

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Multiple Big Ten programs are on the official visit radar of former Pac-12 defensive end commit, Jonathan King, a Florida native.

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 · It's so hard to trust a person specially when that person betrays you many times. Just like they say, "You can't fix the glass when its already broken".