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Liquid love - sweet harmony

Liquid Caffeine Recipes Our customers love Liquid Caffeine and they love coming up with unique recipes! We wanted to share a few of them here with you. If you have any recipes you like to use with Liquid Caffeine, please do not hesitate to reach out to info (at) Energy Drink Recipes Monster / Rockstar / Red Bull Copy 8 oz of Sparkling Apple Cider (carbonated) 160mg of Sweet Liquid Caffeine Mix the two and that’s it. I got this idea from the internet claiming it tasted just like the brand name energy drinks. Wow, you gotta try this

       Now if you’re anything like us, you either fit into one of two categories.  A) You’re incredibly addicted to nicotine, or B) “I’m not addicted! It’s just nice to have!”  Regardless of how you label yourself, VanVal has invented an astounding formula to be able to compile not just one, but both of these two categories into a one-size-fits-all, 47-word subcategory: “You love vaping so much so that it has become part of your identity.  It’s who you are, but as time unfolds you begin to recognize it for what it has become; a cruel mistress.  A bittersweet pleasure that sexually assaults your wallet time and time again.”

Liquid Love - Sweet HarmonyLiquid Love - Sweet HarmonyLiquid Love - Sweet HarmonyLiquid Love - Sweet Harmony