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Raw silk - just in time

In short, the Belt and Road Initiative (otherwise known as One Belt One Road, or OBOR) is a revival of the iconic land and maritime Silk Road via a trade and infrastructure network spanning East Asia to Western Europe and South through Africa. It consists of roads, railways, ports, pipelines and everything in between across a region with a $26 trillion infrastructure deficit, according to some estimates.

If the arrangement is a Water Illusion, the 'acrylic water' can be cleaned with the same solution, but must be 'rinsed' with plain water, and dried, or it will film over. I simply use more cotton balls to do this.
If the florals are arranged in river rocks or tiny stones, they can be removed, rinsed in a stainer and replaced without disturbing the design. The florals will actually be set in foam or clay beneath the rocks.
The process is time consuming, but well worth it for these delicate florals. (05/20/2005)
By Gail Ruth

Raw Silk - Just In TimeRaw Silk - Just In TimeRaw Silk - Just In TimeRaw Silk - Just In Time