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Loverboy - big ones

Then in April 1989, the band went back to Little Mountain Sound Studios to record songs for their next studio album, Pump . The recordings were completed in June 1989, [2] the album was released in September, [15] and reached #5 on the Billboard 200. [13] Several other singles were released from Pump including " Janie's Got a Gun " (#2 Mainstream Rock, #4 Hot 100), " Love in an Elevator " (#1 Mainstream Rock, #5 Hot 100), " The Other Side " (#1 Mainstream Rock, #22 Hot 100) and " What It Takes " (#1 Mainstream Rock, #9 Hot 100). [14] In May a song was recorded during the sessions for Pump called " Deuces Are Wild ", however it was not released on the album and was not released until the 1993 compilation album, The Beavis and Butt-head Experience . [2]

We have observed extensively how feminism and other leftist principles can ruin someone’s appearance  in mere years. Even the science that those liberals love so much confirms it . But by dissecting what causes these extreme changes, we can call out its supporters and give them the dose of truth that could help them see the light if they did not refuse to ingest it.

Loverboy - Big OnesLoverboy - Big OnesLoverboy - Big OnesLoverboy - Big Ones