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As with water pollution and land contamination , it's the quantity (or concentration ) of a chemical in the air that makes the difference between "harmless" and "pollution." Carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), for example, is present in the air around you at a typical concentration of less than percent and breathing it in usually does no harm (you breathe it out all day long); but air with an extremely high concentration of carbon dioxide (say, 5–10 percent) is toxic and could kill you in a matter of minutes. Since Earth's atmosphere is very turbulent—many of us live in windy countries—air pollution will often disperse relatively quickly. In less enlightened times, factory operators thought that if they built really high smokestacks, the wind would simply blow their smoke away, diluting and dispersing it so it wouldn't be a problem. The only trouble was, Earth is a much smaller place than we think and pollution doesn't always disappear so conveniently.

I also decided to make the rear triangle asymmetrical. On the right-hand side, I gave my frame a chainstay and a single seatstay (it really goes from the dropout to a point above the front derailleur). The seatstay serves as a means to route the rear derailleur cable. It gives the cable a pretty straight shot, minimizing the bends (which create friction), so as to allow the best possible shifting. On the left is a single chainstay. It runs from the rear dropout forward to the main part of the frame. It is level with the ground, not sloping down to the bottom bracket as usual. I theorized that with a level chainstay, most of the length of the tube would draft off of the forward end of itself. In practice I doubt it helps the aerodynamics much, but it is visually appealing.

Photo: The world has thousands of power plants like this one, many of them burning coal and belching carbon dioxide into the air. Photo by Warren Gretz courtesy of US DOE/NREL (US Department of Energy/National Renewable Energy Laboratory).

Carbon Based - Real StuffCarbon Based - Real StuffCarbon Based - Real StuffCarbon Based - Real Stuff